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Debora Cardenas


Rollerblader girl and creative industrial engineer from Chile. In charge of all Imports and Manufacturing processes. Deb works in FLOP Supplies since 2011 with the dream of building a serious and professional company that supports urban sports integrating street art aiming to build cultural awareness. I: @deb_cardenas_
Sydney, Australia

Jose Catalan

Investor | Director

Jose always has been so professional and innovative! He is the oldest in the team always putting mature guidelines and knowledge on the work field. Jose decided to join the team when mentoring Deb at Mentores de Impacto. He decided to join the main team after. Jose is part of the main directory today. Thanks for all. I:@jecatalan
Santiago, Chile

Daniel Contreras

Director | Operations Support

Parkour lover from Concepcion, Chile. Daniel started at FLOP as a parkour ambassador since the early years. After few years of being part of the family, Daniel joined the main group as part of the directory in 2016. Why? He has been always a believer of our vision. Daniel is a hard worker, training daily and teaching parkour around Chile. He is a perfect example of FLOP values and believes. Dani, we love to have you on track! I: @diency
Santiago, Chile

Felipe Pedroza

Skate ambassador

Felipe is one of the newest ones on the family. Have been working with us since ending 2017 and have been a huge support. Happy you’re back into the skate, full on enjoying. Felipe has his own project in Colombia. He want to support kids in further regions giving them an opportunity to have fun with art and skate at the same time I: @j.felipepedroza
Sydney, Australia

Nick Petropolous

Distribution | Roller ambassador

Old style rollerblading lover, representing Victoria and OG Melbourne rollerbladers. Nick have always so keen to help and be part of the family, since we started in Australia. Today, Nick represent us in the South. See you soon Nick, we hope! I: @ogmelbournerollerblading
Melbourne, Victoria

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