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This video was made to apply for "Mentors de Impacto" scholarship in Santiago de Chile in 2014 and shows perfectly what we do and why! Hope you all enjoy it.

Street Art Inclusion

We want to support Street Art growth including it in our product designs giving them a new platform to develop and show their work to the world! We believe that Street Art can improve our cities making them more colorful and full filed them with our own identity as creative beings. Any urban expression should be celebrated and supported, it's our essence. Check the artists we have been working with so far...FLOP® Artists

Urban sports integration

Be a rider is really a game-changing, life is just so much better! We believe that does not matter if you use a skateboard, longboard or a pair of skates...at the end of the day, we all are having a session. We all are looking to express ourselves, have fun, do some exercise and just get out of the routine for a while. Why should we be divided? We support all the urban sports without any exclusion.

Social purpose

It’s not just about our joy but share it with others! With the old, current and future generation of riders. We truly believe that this disciplines can have a huge impact on how people see their lives and give them another perspective, perspective that makes them stronger! That’s why we are always looking for inspire all of you to go out and ride as much you can.

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